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Leaking basement Repairs Sydney

Water leaking into the basement after heavy rain is a common occurrence. Water always finds a way, so basement waterproofing and adequate drainage are especially needed in cases where groundwater is likely to build up in soil and cause a rise in the water table closer to the surface.

There are many ways water can enter a basement or below grade structure from the foundation walls including basement windows, foundation cracks, pipe penetration leaks and wall seepage.

Groundwater that enters a basement through the floor slab or appears in an area known as the cove joint, which is where the floor and walls meet  (floor to wall joint). This is commonly referred to as hydrostatic pressure.

For a concrete slab to be impacted by hydrostatic pressure, it must be below the water table or intrude into a natural water pathway. Network have been engaged to repair the basement

issues at the Gemini Hotel Griffith

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