Network Refurbishments & Constructions assist our clients by providing expert advice on what they are required to do to confirm with the current Building Codes. The purpose of building codes are to provide a standards for safety, health, and general welfare including structural integrity, mechanical integrity (including sanitation, water supply, light, and ventilation), means of egress, fire prevention and control, and energy conservation.

On new buildings or substantial refurbishments it is easy to incorporate the building code requirements. However property owners of existing properties over 15 years old  are being informed by Local Councils of any non conformance and receiving improvement notices. For property owners that are not well informed this can be overwhelming and unless they engage with the correct consultants they can commit to unnecessary works and cost.

In conjunction with our BCA Consultants and  Fire Engineers, Network Refurbishments

& Constructions offer a sophisticated approach to achieve compliance.  We recognize that a property may not be able to met the prescribed requirements of the building code “Deemed to Satisfy” but by good engineering achieve the performance requirements and intent of the building codes.

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